Poitin (pah-CHEEN, Irish Gaelic for 'Illegal Homemade Whiskey, or Moonshine) Band has been entertaining audiences in the Great Northwest and beyond with their unique blend of Irish, Celtic, French-Canadian, and Metis traditional dance music and ballads since 2001.

Poitin is a six-piece band featuring fiddle, banjos, guitars, mandolins, Irish bouzouki, bodhran, harmonica, bass and drums. They released their fifth album - 'Banks of Red River' in March 2013, exploring the correlations between the Irish and the Metis Red River traditional music.

MN Irish Fair Publication: "A six-member collaborative that blends traditional Irish jig harmonies with sensitive, compassionate ballads and raucous, up-tempo and active rebel tunes. A jack-of-all-trades, Poitin has released a total of five records – each differing in approach and style, vigor and composition while retaining a culturally and historically relevant and recognizable sound."

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